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Explore your uniqueness, quirkiness and personal style with Altlife.Shop! From clothing and accessories to help you express yourself, to online communities for adults to network and connect with each other, Altlife has you covered.

No matter your interests, everyone is welcome and valued in the Altlife Community. So whether you're a part of the BDSM Community, LGBTIQ+, FurryFandom, Gamer or something else, join us in celebrating all identities!

Altlife Merchandise

Merchandise for our Altlife.Community social platform.

Digital Downloads

We offer a range of digital downloads at low costs. From journals, to affirmation cards, worksheets, planners etc

With Attitude Brand

With Attitidue is a new brand Altlife.Shop has license to sell products using the trademark.


If you are part of the BDSM community or lifestyle, these fun and unique products are for you.

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